June 26, 2008

Uncle Wiggly Wings

NPR had a great story this morning on Hal "Uncle Wiggly Wings" Halvorsen:
When West Berlin was cut off by Soviet troops 60 years ago, British and U.S. aircraft flew in food, diesel and coal to residents. On the anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, co-host Ari Shapiro talks with Andrei Cherny, author of The Candy Bombers, and pilot Hal Halvorsen, whose secret mission was to shower the children of Berlin with candy.
Definitely worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

great man

Anonymous said...

true dat!

Anonymous said...

It was a self imposed mission at first.

Gen.Turner who was in charge of the airlift gave it his full support when the secret leaked. Other pilots gave their time, money and rations to help.

Later on, several schools allowed their students in the US to give their help, and candy to the program.

At the Salt Lakes Olympics, the German team insisted on having him hold their flag on opening day.

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