June 7, 2008

Religion In the News

Lots of intriguing religion stories floating around this week:

Billboards for nonbelievers.  (the author needs to check the style manual or a good dictionary, he's throwing around some religious vocabulary pretty fast and loose)

Obama campaign to launch "Joshua Generation Project" to reach out to "younger evangelicals and Catholics."  It will be interesting to see how high the messianic portrayal of Obama gets ratcheted up before there is some backlash.  Not surprisingly, this is the first time I've ever linked to CBN so I should probably be more gracious, but I wonder if this was a near-Freudian slip:  "The Brody File said awhile back that the Obama campaign would be making a concerted effort to attrack Evangelicals and Catholics to their campaign."  Was he thinking "attack" but wanting to write "attract"?

The Economist says Obama and McCain have "problems with religion."

The Pope made some good comments to the World Food Security Summit in Rome.  I haven't found an English translation of the full text yet.

Virginity, Islam and divorce in the news in France.

Obama's prayer ministry team.  Just as interesting to see who's not mentioned - not many evangelical or mainline protestants - would be nice if the reporter asked why.

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