June 25, 2008

RZA Hearts Broccoli

As previously mentioned, I've been away from the computer and internet for a couple of days so I'm supposed to be catching up on work and staying away from the feed reader but this had to be passed along as it combines two things close to my heart:  the Wu-Tang Clan and broccoli.  From the Vulture blog:
Speaking of snacks, are you still making your famous RZA burgers?
You mean the ones with the waffles, right? Yeah I’m definitely still making those. Those are the shit.

What other vegetarian dishes are you working on?
I’ve been really big on broccoli lately, man. Nah mean? There's a couple of ways to make it. You can sauté it with butter and olive oil together. Or I like to soak it rosemary oil and then lightly fry it. Put that shit over some rice … that shit is tasty, my nigga.
Tasty indeed, RZA.  Tasty.  Indeed.

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