June 22, 2008

Tsvangirai Withdraws from Election

The MDC has unearthed an elaborate and decisive plan by Zanu PF to rig the elections through the following measures:

1.  Commandeering the uniformed forces to use the postal ballot and forcing them to vote in front of their superiors.
2.  The prevention of MDC election agents to get to the polling stations through roadblocks and arrests.
3.  The three Mashonaland provinces have been identified as rigging centres where ballots are going to be stuffed.
4.  Villagers are having their national identity cards confiscated denying them their right to vote.
5.  There is a plan to record the serial numbers of ballot papers so as to intimidate voters.
6.  The holding of forced pungwes (overnight meetings) where MDC supporters are beaten and forced to undergo “re-education”.
7.  The abuse of traditional leaders.
8.  The use of massive violence as a weapon to influence the ballot.
It is, however, signed: "President Morgan Tsvangirai"

Morgan Tsvangirai has withdrawn from the runoff election that was scheduled for this Friday.  This is completely understandable as the escalating violence has been pretty well reported.  Essentially things have gotten so bad that Tsvangirai realized that asking people to vote for him was asking people to die for him.  I understand it and I'm even further saddened by it as well as baffled as to what will happen now.   

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Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking for the people of Zimbabwe. Apparently Mugabe will have no trouble maintaining his reputation as one of the planets most ruthless dictators--"elected" or not.

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