June 9, 2008


In the better late than never category, WHO hits its target for providing antiretroviral drugs to developing countries . . . . two years late.  Related, here and here

Profile of Adam Chodikoff, the guy who tracks all the embarrassing political double-speak for The Daily Show.

King Arthur Flour's test kitchen takes The EasyBake Oven for a spin

Easterly and Michael Spence add comments to the previously mentioned Martin Wolf piece on the end of "development experts" discussion.  This from Spence:
Two other points struck me as worthy of attention. One I believe is widely accepted. While a framework can identify the elements of the sustained growth process and the policy ingredients that support it, actual priorities have to be country and context specific, because the initial conditions and the political environments vary greatly. That growth strategies are country specific does not mean that every case is completely idiosyncratic, nor does the fact that collectively we don’t know everything mean that we don’t know anything.
Widely accepted but often forgotten it seems.

I've done a poor job of posting our wine findings of late so here is a recent list to get you by.

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