June 24, 2008

Recently Spotted: Summer Hay

I've spent the last two days on the back of a tractor mowing our pecan orchard.  Which is another way of saying that I've spent the last two days in a state of extremely hot jittery motion.  Almost any time of the year the orchard is lovely.  Tucked away in a small hollow on the bend of the river you can work amongst the trees and feel like you've wandered much farther from home than you really are.  They're cutting summer hay in these parts and it gives me pleasure to see the bales ranged across a freshly cut field.  This is the property adjacent to our orchard:

Last years harvest was a bumper crop thanks to the mystical combination of well timed rains and good management but pecans bear in alternating years so we'll do a lot of work with not much to show for it this year.  This is a shot of the orchard mowing in process:

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