June 17, 2008

Soul Train Now Boarding?

My fondness for R & B and soul music owes a large debt to watching Soul Train on Saturday afternoons as a kid, usually on the down-low as my parents weren't big fans of "the hippest trip in America."  So, it was bittersweet to read that The Don had decided to sell the show to new owners who plan on bringing it back to the air.  Good to see it possibly heading back to the small screen, sad to see that Cornelius will no longer be involved, but like he said, "thirty-five years is a long time."  Here's wishing you "love, peace and soul" Don.

Anecdote:  Don Cornelius and I used neighboring urinals at The Peabody Hotel sometime around 1993 1997.  I nodded and said hi and he replied with the coolest "Allllright" I've ever heard.  He also wore the largest watch not attached to a wall I've ever seen, had on a mind-boggling yellow suit and was accompanied by a bodyguard at least four feet thick.  I washed my hands really slow.


Pomeroy Kinsey said...

lol! Why didn't you look me up when you were in town!

j said...

oops - wrong year - it was around 1997 . . . so you would have been at the U.

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