June 25, 2008

Send Barack Your Baby

Send Barack your baby.  From the FAQ:
Why is Barack doing this?
In modern presidential campaigns, the candidates visit thousands of towns and cities. Even so, it is impossible to visit a majority of the country, let alone all of it. Barack is doing this to revolutionize campaigning for the millions of babies who would otherwise never get to meet him. Now they don’t have to wait for a visit—they can come to him. For a kiss, a hug, or simply some hope.

How long will my baby be with Barack himself?
You may choose from three interaction types: a kiss, a hug, or giving hope. For a kiss or a hug, Barack spends roughly two minutes with a baby. Giving hope usually takes about twice that long.

May I send a camera to commemorate my baby’s time with Barack?
No, as we wouldn’t want your camera to get lost. Instead, a professional photographer records every baby’s special moment, and you can order one set of prints at no charge. Check off your preferred print size on the packing slip you include with your baby.
Pre-internet presidential campaigns were so dull.

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