March 1, 2008

HIV/AIDS Animation/Video Resources

This is a pretty good animation of the replication of the HIV virus - the voice over is a little medical lingo heavy but if you combo it with a more layman's explanation it could be useful (you can download it from the creators website here).  This, however, is still my favorite video to use with groups - its designed to use with kids/youth but its honestly about the right level of science talk for most adults and the format provides something a little lighthearted in the midst of a heavy discussion.  While we're on it this short Doctors Without Borders advert is another animation I use to intro discussions on the wide sweeping cultural, social and familial destruction HIV/AIDS is wrecking across most of sub-Saharan Africa.

Mmmm, I had tracked down a higher res downloadable version somewhere but I can't seem to find it . . . . I'll keep looking.


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