March 31, 2008


The reports from Zimbabwe all day yesterday and today are very troubling.  If you look at the delays, the posturing, the military/police in the streets on alert it is hard to think that this is a regime about to announce defeat rather than one that is busy cooking the books.  You can track results and ground level reports from bloggers here and here.  

ZBC (State television) is constantly reporting that Robert Mugabe and ZEC will not accept pre-emptive announcements from MDC, and any action like this will be considered as an attempt at a coup. The armed forces are on high alert.

Zimbabweans are waiting for Morgan Tsvangirai to claim victory (we have seen the results outside the polling station doors) and do not understand why it is taking so long?

Everyone is now convinced rigging is in place.

The debate raging is whether Morgan Tsvangirai is waiting for the ZEC to finish announcing and if ZEC will hold true to their mandate.

ZEC has not announced anything since 7.30am. What are they up to? What plots are they hatching?

People have gone to work, life is back to “normal” but is it?

Nobody knows what the reaction will be if and when ZEC announces Zanu PF victorious.

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