March 12, 2008

Hulk Trailer

First full length Incredible Hulk trailer premiered tonight.  Hard to tell.  Who am I kidding, I still love comics and I hope this movie is awesome.

For those who can't remember their classic Hulk foes that is the Abomination he is fighting.  
The Abomination differs from the Hulk in three ways:
He is unable to transform into human form.
While stronger than the Hulk in "calm" state, his strength does not increase with anger as the Hulk's does.

He is also capable of regenerating from damage, but at a slower rate than the Hulk.

The Abomination is still very resistant to damage, can hold his breath for extended periods of time, and breathe underwater. The Abomination can also go into a state of suspended animation if in a climate lacking air or heat. Like the Hulk, he can travel many miles with one bound.

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