March 8, 2008


Its funny the way things bubble up to the top of culture these days.  My wife informed me that one of the contestants on American Idol - a one Jason Castro - performed the oft-performed Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah" this week.  The very next day Waxy pointed to this incredibly in-depth essay documenting the rediscovery and usage of the song by everyone from Bon Jovi to The L Word, complete with sweet graphs like these:

Then, about five minutes ago, I pop into the iTunes store to see what this weeks 99-cent movie rental is and lo and behold Jeff Buckley's cover of the song is currently the top downloaded song:

Thoughts on the top ten:  I've never heard of any of those other songs, Jeff seems a bit out of place, seems to be dominated by hip-hop which I assume is still the case for pop music in general-that's quite a run, if you've got two songs in the top ten then you should be allowed to seat your delegates no questions asked, Miley Cyrus is "real"?, Janet (Jackson?) is alive?

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