March 22, 2008

Links of Interest (mostly to me)

We've never lived in a home that had good shoe storage options - this or this looks really cool but how much space would it take up.

If you are from the south you know lots of folks like Mike Huckabee, and you really like them because they are the proverbial "good people."  They let you borrow their lawnmower, they show up to help you move a couch and they always go to funerals - you just might not want them running the country.  So, unlike many you aren't surprised to hear him making sense on Obama and Wright.

Two Bills:  two pieces touching on Bill Easterly, Bill Gates and foreign aid money.  The first by Easterly on why Bill Gates "hates his book" (an unfortunate byline choice by the editor which I would wager neither Bill thinks is true) and the second on the US kiss of death to Africa.

Article on Botswana's efforts to diversify their economy by moving from being simply the producer of 27% of the world's diamonds to being a player in their processing and refinement.

If you've been almost anywhere on the African continent you have seen the ubiquitous plastic water sachets that are discarded virtually everywhere and anywhere - this is a great article on an entrepreneurial effort in Ghana to turn an environmental eyesore into a fashion accessory. 

For reasons mentioned earlier I had a chance to watch a lot of TV the past few days - the most I've watched in years.  Back to the Future III is still pretty good, but not nearly as good as the original, The Haunting is absurdly bad and has one of the worst death scenes ever, and Big is still incredibly good and chokes me up at the end.

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