March 10, 2008


When your favorite flour provider starts talking about rising food prices you know things are getting bad.  Related:  here and here.

Unless you are a commodities grower of course.

More on the psychology of free. (via)

I have trouble feeling the threat of nuclear holocaust that those who lived through the heart of the cold war often speak of, but this piece on Nixon's insane brinksmanship gave me the willies. 

The UN finally makes good on its pledge to make available its wealth of global data to the common man.  Keep an eye on Gapminder in the days ahead to make sense of it for the common-common man.
This sentiment is becoming increasingly more prevalent:  "Oxfamming the Whole Black World"

Garfield Minus Garfield just keeps getting better.


a conversationalist said...

those of us who inform certain peoples of aforementioned WIRED articles (I did give you the heads up on that didn't I?) would appreciate a little acknowledgamento. *sniff, lift head, turn to the side and clear throat*

j said...

hah, my plan to lure you out of hiding worked - no one likes to be snubbed on a forwarded link!

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