March 10, 2008

Regional News

As interesting as the news of the so called Southern Baptist Environmental and Climate Initiative is to folks in these parts, more interesting to me is all the buzz its getting in the press.  However, for an accurate read on what all that means for actual Southern Baptist's you'll want to go here for the spin and read through the diversity of comments here for what actual conversations in the pews might sound like.  It would be naive to think that in a ship as tightly run as the SBC is that everyone involved wasn't talking to everyone else long before this went live; and hey, if in a presidential election year you were wanting to try and get as many people as possible to give your brand of politics a glance, or ear to your counsel, it never hurts to give the impression of going big tent on an issue that may get a few more feet in the door.  There's moderation and then there are overtures towards moderation, this I would wager is the latter.   

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