March 15, 2008


New Athiest backlash:  Chris Hedges in Salon and John Gray in The Guardian.  I don't know Gray but I like Hedges - son of a Presbyterian minister and graduate of Harvard Divinity, he knows that of which he speaks.

I looked for these Penguin Graphic Classics the last time I was in Barnes and Nobles, which admittedly was quite a while back, because I saw they had been getting a lot of praise but I didn't see them.  Apparently they've won some "legitimate" praise as well with this design award (Man, that Marquis de Sade cover is saucy, eh?) This is the Candide cover by Chris Ware which everyone loves followed by the Cold Comfort Farm cover by Roz Chast, which I like. (via)

Christian Science Monitor has a very good, from what I've read/watched so far, series of six articles entitled An End To Poverty.  Good place to start to get a handle on the current global situation, how we got here and some possible ways forward - good resource for yourself and others.

From Chris Blattmann, here is the syllabus (pdf) from Dani Rodrick and Rohini Pande's introductory course on development at Harvard's Kennedy School.  

Most people who complain that The Simpson's "just isn't as funny as it used to be" and that they "really haven't been fans for about ten years" are actually describing the process of growing up.  The Simpsons is still funny.  Watch it here.

This is a pretty geeky but fascinating (long) piece on an issue of the Fantastic Four that took 38 years to get printed.

The more things change, the more . . . wait, no, things don't change.

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