February 28, 2008

All the Food thats Fit to Eat

We currently find ourselves living in a city in which the most consistently reliable food comes out of our own kitchen - which isn't saying all that much about our own cooking abilities but is saying a mouthful about the restaurant scene in these parts.  Trips out of town are, regardless of their original impetus, always seen as a chance to partake of a dining experience hopefully more elevated than our favorite taco-truck - of which in fairness I must say that we are blessed in both abundance and quality.  So with a trip to New Orleans on the horizon I'm already casting about for interesting places to eat, which as you might imagine is not difficult to find in the Big Easy.  I came across two more in The New York times this morning (yesterday's print edition actually, as I'm trying to go analog for breakfast these days) in a piece by Frank Bruni on the ten best new restaurants in the nation and I'm wondering if anyone has tried either or has an opinion, or heck even other suggestions.  The first is Cochon, (how great is that logo) which he hasn't reviewed yet (its one of those multi-week dealies) and the other is Luke, which didn't make the cut but made the initial fifteen he was checking out.

While not in the cards for this trip, his number nine restaurant was Tilth in Seattle.  Whom I appreciate from a distance already for their blog, their great looking house-of-a-restaurant,
their slightly insider farmer friendly name, their emphasis on local food production and last but certainly not least posting their reputedly delicious hot chocolate recipe.


a conversationalist said...

I have it on very good information that Woodford Reserve is a pretty solid bourbon *coughmybirthdayiscomingupcough*

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