May 21, 2008

Release the Hounds

The McCain campaign is encouraging his supporters to troll the internet and post comments supporting McCain and his positions on a variety of subjects.  The targeted blogs and news sites are conveniently indexed under the labels: liberal, conservative, moderate and other (I assume the "other" are mostly lolcat forums which truly transcend all labels) - ironically, one of today's "talking points" is partisanship.  You can then report back to the campaign regarding where and what you posted and earn "points" for your loyalty.  Which I can only assume are redeemable at McCain's online store or possibly for future pardons.  Now, all they need is some sort of ranking system that would list the most effective McCain supporters in terms of support earned and vitriol engendered, both equally important components of a successful campaign - perhaps some sort of modified Sagarin.  


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