May 11, 2008


Critiques of current HIV/AIDS policy:  more focus needed on male circumcision and reduction of sexual partners - here, here and here.  However, some good news concerning reduction of mother-to-child transmission.  Related - secret wives in Kenya.

The guy with the flute is the more amazing of the two to me.  (via)

Worldometers - real time world statistics in a variety of categories.

80% of nail salon technicians in California are Vietnamese, 43% nationwide - the story behind the numbers is surprisingly interesting.  

Does military intervention work? - Paul Collier.


Pomeroy Kinsey said...

That was an interesting article by Collier. Thanks for the post. It'd be helpful to know more about the optimal mix among aid and peacekeeping. There's some point where the additional dollar spent on peacekeeping is equal in benefits to an additional dollar spent on aid, and I wish the authors had focused on that point more. But it's intuitive that providing law enforcement to an unstable region would have such longterm benefits. I'm going to download the Copenhagen document they link to tomorrow and give it a read.

j said...

I thought it was interesting too. Military intervention is one of the four "instruments" that Collier puts forward as a way of dealing with the bottom billion in his book - if memory serves me it was by far the shortest chapter as well. Again, going on memory, he focused more on the intervention as a type of peace-guarantee in post-conflict areas and those threatened by coups as well as a way to circumvent the "grand extortion" of governments feeling the "need" to divert aid money to military expenditures. Let me know if anything interesting turns up in the copenhagen document.

a conversationalist said...

representing at least 2 fifths of your reader base, we (the esposa and myself) would like to be included in your links list. If you should do this i can guarantee a reciprocation on my part and to post at least once a week....

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