May 8, 2008

Mux 2.0

Here's a new mix for your listening pleasure.

Liner notes:

This is the video for the first song:

They make great summer music, thus the 3 songs, and Parade is a good album.

I heard a few songs from Heather Waters' last album but this has a different sound . . . 

Jayber Crow is a recent discovery and I really like them.  They are named (I assume, I couldn't  find a reference on their website) after the titular character of my favorite Wendell Berry novel.  Hear more here.

Silver Bus is a beautiful song off a beautiful album, which I always forget about, by Lori McKenna, she has a new album out but I haven't heard it and must have recently signed with Warner Bros because that website is the definition of corporate.

Some more Santogold in there along with new songs from The WeepiesSun Kil Moon, and Kasey Chambers.

That brown is #663300.

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