May 26, 2008


Chris Blattman advocates for what I would call a parish approach to national aid programs.  Its my preferred method of organizing churches for many of the same reasons that Chris advocates it for effective nation-state development practices.  To complete the analogy, the US, China, France, et al can  be understood and appreciated in the same way that mega-churches can be understood and appreciated in the religious landscape - as a resource to provide emergency, niche and conveneing services that are out of the reach of the parish church.    

The Ethicurean on high-fructose corn syrup consumption and pricing.

If you're picking your candidates based on their visual-media campaigns then Obama is your pick (Scott Hansen is the artist):

Food Failures and Futures, a working paper from the folks at the Council on Foreign Relations.

African agriculture:  "In Search of a Better Revolution"

Further testimony that religious faith should not be ignored in development efforts on the African continent (and a reminder that I should follow up on this previous post.) 

Too much time in the car over the last week, and the requisite trips to the pump that it required, has me lusting after this beautiful bike from Canondale anew:

Pomeroy is back from his walk-about.

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