May 4, 2008


The top 100 comic book runs:  #15 is my personal favorite; confession - I've never read a single issue of Sandman.
Depressing new HIV numbers out of South Africa:  + 2 million more than recent estimates. 

The Death and Life of  the American Newspaper from The New Yorker.  I love reading the print editions of newspapers, there I said it, and much like the author I think they serve purposes in our society that can not (will not?) be replaced by an internet press corp.

Helpful NPR interview with Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved - the bit about how most food "aid" negatively impacts those we are seeking to help is one of the most common ah-ha moments for groups who visited our farm.  Patel was formerly with the Food First Institute, an excellent resource for those interested in issues of global hunger - their World Hunger: 12 Myths is what I recommend for anyone who wants an easily digestible introductory look at the issue.  He is also a blogger.

Suburban gardeners in the Wall Street Journal - look for the eventual return of victory gardens over the next five-ten years.  You could substantially reduce those start up costs if you wanted to. 

Regardless of where you live these days there is a taco truck around that is serving the best tacos in town - seek it out if you have not already and then you will understand why folks in LA are fighting for their taco truck's rights.  This is our favorite truck in these parts:

I'll be interested to see what this group has to say regarding the politics of faith come Wednesday.


Pomeroy Kinsey said...

What a find! We should read all 100 of these runs! (Just kidding - no seriously, we should). My favorite is the more recent Grant Morrison led revamp of the X-men. Did I send you those in the mail? That and the Josh Whedon Astonishing X-men, plus the newer Ultimate line, are some of the best X-men stories I'd read. Of course, I still love the Mutant Massacre a great deal, plus that storyline that was going on when we started collecting. The one where Illanya Rasputin's demons are taking over New York? I can't remember the title.

There's a lot of Claremont on here. Claremont's more recent work with the X-men, though, isn't nearly as god as his older stuff. But he did some iconic work, for sure. I also have never read Sandman.

a conversationalist said...

if you listen quietly....., yeah, right there....., there it is, the sounds of your wives crying

Pomeroy Kinsey said...

lol. She was given all the information she needed ex ante to know what she was getting into when she married me, so I have no sympathy when I see her doubled over weeping.

a conversationalist said...

just so you know the reach of this blog, Tony (do you know who I am? Tony) mentioned victory gardens on his show today. Not too shabby for one of the littles there bro....

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