May 15, 2008

Nielson Shmielson

We don't have a TV and haven't had one for quite a while.  Ok, we have one but its in a box, several states away, underneath a number of other boxes.  There are only two things I miss.  One, March Madness (mostly solved by NCAA On Demand).  Two, PBS.  So, today I was glad to see that PBS has finally announced plans to get serious about distributing its programming more broadly via online video.  Their platform will be . . . um, er . . . The Platform, who is already handling the online distribution of Frontline and will hopefully have much more to offer in the days ahead.  It would be great if PBS became as progressive and embracing of distributing their content via online video as NPR has become with podcasting their programming.  (Confession:  I loves me some nature documentary.)  

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