May 16, 2008

PC Eating Ants

We'll be in the Houston area over the next few days and we'll be keeping our eyes open for these ants:
For some unknown reason they are attracted to electrical equipment, which is causing problems for residents in the Deep South. The ants have destroyed PCs in homes and offices, ruined pumps at a sewage treatment plant and even taken a fancy to homeowners' gas meters, according to reports from the Associated Press.

"If you open a computer, you would find a cluster of ants on the motherboard and all over," said Tom Raspberry, the owner of Budget Pest Control and the man the ants have been named after. "You'd get 3,000 or 4,000 ants inside and they create arcs. They'll wipe out any computer," he told Computerworld.

The Johnson Space Center has reportedly called in pest control experts to make sure the little critters don't start chomping their way through NASA's computer systems. Although, according to Raspberry, he's already seen colonies on the NASA site.
More from the Houston Chronicle.  They are apparently related to the Caribbean crazy ant.  I've got a Mac and my wife has a PC, so we'll see which one they go for first.

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