May 28, 2008

Markets in Everything: Criminal Rehabilitation

With apologies to MR - Celebrities, agents, and production houses all over America can be heard slapping themselves on the head this morning with the announcement of rapper T.I.'s upcoming reality series on MTV:
Rapper T.I. is turning his legal woes into an MTV docu series.

Cabler will follow the hip-hop star as he performs more than 1,000 [hours] of community service before beginning to serve his one-year prison sentence next spring. Ish Entertainment is behind the untitled series, which has scored an eight-episode order from MTV.

Cameras already chronicled T.I.'s release from house arrest, and shooting will start in earnest this summer, leading up to his return to jail in early 2009. MTV plans to air the show some time soon after that.
Whatever small incentive there was for celebrities to "behave," there is no such thing as bad press after all, has now been even further reduced as T.I. blazes the path for turning brushes with the law into cold hard cash.  

PS - is it just me or did someone forget to proofread that article.

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