May 31, 2008

Obama Leaves Church

I must admit that this surprised me.  Partly because the church so obviously shot itself in the foot, who doesn't want a congregation that counts a potential president in its membership, and didn't make extremely explicit what could and couldn't be said from the pulpit.  Partly because Obama didn't seem like the type to bail out on a community that has been such a part of shaping who he is and what he cares for.  I'm not sure what he gains by "leaving" now.  He can't take back the years of involvement and how much better is the question, "Why didn't you leave sooner?", than anything he might have been asked by staying in?  I don't see how he gains votes or dodges future questions, but I can see how this might alienate some of those he counted among the faithful.  If nothing else I suppose it shows that Obama is now facing the reality that politics on this scale often forces you to choose between two bad options.

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