April 30, 2008

Zimbab . . . . .

I haven't posted much on Zimbabwe since the days immediately following the election because I was too frustrated with what was going on and how the world sat around and let it go on . . . .  But, finally, a month after the election we've got some presidential results and here too there is nothing really new.  Mugabe is admitting he "lost" but insisting that Tsvangirai didn't get the necessary 51% to win the presidency outright.  So, after a month of the most heinous intimidation and scare tactics he could manage to roll out on such short notice Mugabe is "reluctantly" willing to participate in a run-off.  After the doings of the last month it is not surprising that he is confident of a victory this time around nor that the opposition wants nothing to do with it.  Chris Blattman summarizes nicely the reactions soon to come from the international community:
It's a matter of hours before the South African government says something disappointingly conciliatory, and the Brits and Americans make ridiculous and empty threats. 

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