April 27, 2008


I don't agree with everything this guy says but its an interesting read regarding intellectual opportunity costs, the amount of TV we watch as a nation annually-about 2000 Wikipedia projects worth, and what might be possible if we harness even a fraction of that.

My prediction: this will be the most "entertaining" Olympics ever, it will have nothing to do with the actual games and before its over everyone, Chinese officials included, will regret the day Beijing won the right to host.

Free wireless in Starbucks:  if you're an At&t broadband customer, a Starbucks Card holder  or a Starbucks employee.  (capped at two hours daily it looks like, and rolling out store by store)

Prompted by the Aliza Schvarts hubbub here is a convenient list of outrageous art projects that have already been done so you don't have to.

About a month ago I tried to find a way to filter my google search results by date of "publication" and  I couldn't really find anything helpful, but this URL trick does exactly that by inserting a handy little drop down box like that found in Google News.  Very useful - and if you look in the comments someone has posted a java script that you can drop into your bookmark bar.

Delta is finally going to give some love to coach with new roomier seats?

For some reason, we were talking about Miley Cyrus last night (don't ask) and our general consensus was that there are definitely worse options out there for the category of "teen idol" and that her parents seem to be doing a decent job raising her.  All that to say that it will be interesting to see if there is any fallout from the "topless" Vanity Fair photo shoot.  Three thoughts:  To quote Miley, they don't seem "skanky," in fact they seem more "bad senior portrait" than anything else; you do what Annie Liebovitz tells you to do; she's fifteen and whomever is really minding her career knows that despite the possible (inevitable?) pitfalls it is better to go the Britney Spears route than the Hilary Duff one.

Breaking (old) Lost news: they've added an extra hour of Lost content to the season finale, basically giving us one more episode than we thought we would have.



a conversationalist said...

I found this also to be a pretty interesting read. I am currently (as in for the two and a half minutes a night I am able to stay awake before I fall asleep) reading Here Comes Everybody. I think the crux of what the book is about (at least I hope this is the case) is the true magnitude of the shift technology (and by extension the media produced by and consumed by) is having and will continue to have on we as a people. I find it a little disconcerting that the best use of that freed up time he could think of, was to provide more fodder for the lolcat meme...

j said...

is the book any good so far?

don't you think the lolcat meme is probably the present day equivalent of bad watercolors or poetry?

a conversationalist said...

hmmmm, see now you are getting into the area of all of this "how technology is changing our life" discussion that is far too convoluted to discuss fully in a comment section.....check out my next couple of posts for more on this topic (and the re-write of the one about jackson pollock that i just touched up

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