April 1, 2008

15 Minutes and Counting?

According to Sokwanele, things may be coming to a head in Zimbabwe:

Not that long ago all the Dead BC (ZBC) had was a programme about dolphins. No kidding! Maybe its an attempt to calm the mood?

But headlines now are that 140 results have been declared. We have reported 141 but maybe ZTV aren’t including the one unopposed seat.

ZBC is also saying that “Zimbabweans must maintain peace, that the army is on high alert”.

This sms flying around: “apparently we all need to be watching zbc at 8.30pm. apparently good news, but we will have to wait and see.”

So, I got my sms, I ran to the shower, I washed my hair, I put on my favourite MDC T-shirt from the 2005 elections. It reads, “a new zimbabwe, a new beginning“.

Even if we have to wait a little longer than 8.30, the energy right now is worth it.

Zimbabwe is 7 hours ahead of us so 8:30 will be about fifteen minutes from now. Here's hoping things hold together for a a bit longer and Mugabe exits peacefully stage left.

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