April 26, 2008

Bud Brothers: Snoop and Willie

I suppose its not all that surprising that they should know/befriend each other considering their common interests.  The first few minutes of the video are blank but it has the best audio and (eventual) video of the offerings on YouTube:

In answer to your question:  According to IMDB Snoop is 6' 3½" and Willie is 5' 6"

PS - About a year ago I was part of a group that toured Willie Nelson's "organic farm" just outside of his hometown, Abbott, TX, that was supposed to be producing food for his Willie's Place venture opening just north of Abbott on I-35.  (Organic farm is used VERY loosely here as there was nothing whatsoever in the ground at the time, although it was a very nice piece of property with great potential.)  Willie has been a supporter on the edge of local, organic food production for a while as a corollary to his long standing broader support of farmers and involvement in bio-fuels.  We were there in theory to see how we could help get things off the ground but it was apparent from the beginning that there were lots of big ideas but very few resources.  To this date, as far as I know, the land is still fallow and about all that came of our visit was a meal with Willie's farm manager at the Turkey Shop (tread with care) and lots and lots of jokes about Willies "real" cottage industry of organically produced cannabis.  

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