April 3, 2008

Which Way Zimbabwe

Things seem to be stuck in limbo in Zimbabwe.  Most are predicting a runoff for president despite no official results having been released for the presidential balloting (!) but reports of opposition offices being raided and journalists detained smack of a distinct reluctance to let go of power on the part of Mugabe.  ZanuPF leaders are supposedly meeting to try and decide if the whole thing is worth another round of voting or if maybe this is the time to let somebody else sort things out.  I'm running out of predictions on this one.  If you are Mugabe why go through all the posturing if you're just going to claim victory in the end - why care about the appearance of fair play now when your neighbors and the international community have already fully demonstrated their willingness to turn a blind eye to the suffering of Zimbabweans?  I still think there is the possibility that he is trying to end well and leave with some appearance of face but its looking more doubtful.  I'm not sure anyone thinks that a runoff would be allowed to proceed legitimately.    

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