April 19, 2008

What's Killing Me This Week: Plastics Edition

This announcement from Nalgene is actually two days later than I thought it would be.  My assumption is always that companies know about these risks long before the public does - see exhibit A: tobacco companies - and that they are already doing alternative research to remove or lessen the effects of ("insert name of dangerous substance here") but will not actively do so until the dangers come to light from a third party because their systems of production are so invested in the old manufacturing methods and it doesn't make financial sense to do so until they absolutely have to.  I'm confused why there have not been similar announcements from baby bottle makers already - there is nothing whatsoever on Gerber's website that I could find.  Thankfully, when my wife and I were out for a walk yesterday we were sipping our water with a clear conscience thanks to my brother's Christmas gift.

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