December 5, 2008

Note to Self

. . . and to those who have ears to hear.  

When setting up your utilities make sure to have both you and your significant other authorized to manage the account.  Otherwise, on some cold rainy day in early December you too may find yourself snarling over the phone at some poor innocent woman, "How long has your company blatantly refused to recognize the institution of marriage?!"  And you know what you'll feel after you hang up?  Shame.  Shame, my friends.  

Knowledge for life.


a conversationalist said...

My thought is that the shame is occurring b/c the haranguing was unsuccessful. I say this because belittling customer service (what a joke of a name that is) is one of the purest joys of life. Perhaps you did correct the situation, and in that case, rest easy tonight my friend. You did a fine thing. If not, simply call back tomorrow and yell at someone who makes more money than the last person you spoke with. This usually takes the taste out of your mouth.

Pomeroy Kinsey said...

Conversationalist is right. I'm updating my beliefs on reading this and realizing you got nowhere. Your shame is just a signal of how unsuccessful you really were. I'm putting this as an example on my game theory test.

J said...

Gentlemen, no, no, no. Civility is still a worthy goal and the shame is a signal not of my failure but of the absurdity of the system in which both myself and the disembodied voice must dance. And to further undermine my point, my shame was in fact a result of the success (she caved), not the failure, of my bad behavior.