December 4, 2008


1.  "A British doctor volunteering in DR Congo used text message instructions from a colleague to perform a life-saving amputation on a boy." Yeah, that's right, Médecins SMS Frontières my friends (too punny?).

2.  America's 200 largest charities.  The top ten:
1. United Way
2. Salvation Army
3. American Cancer Society
4. Food for the Poor
5. YMCA of the USA
6. Feed the Children
7. AmeriCares Foundation
8. Catholic Charities USA
9. Gifts in Kind International
10. World Vision
3.  Tis the season so we've been eating a lot of apples and have made two trips up the road to "apple country," so poking around for some apple info I found this interesting piece from October on the University of Minnesota's breeding of the infamous Honeycrisp and their search for the next big thing in apples now that the patent is about to expire. 

4.  My reasons are anecdotal but I hope he gets the nod.

5.  Interesting new study on how bacterial speck disease disables the tomato plant's intruder alert systems.

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