December 16, 2008

Best of 2008: Music

There weren't that many albums that bowled me over this year, but here are two worth a look.

I've mentioned Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago before and I'm still listening to it.  A lot.  Here's the band on Letterman a few days ago:

The other album worth mentioning is Human Highway's Moody Motorcycle.  

Honorable mention:  Mike Relm's Spectacle. and Jayber Crow's Two Short Stories.

PS - Two to look for in early January:  Andrew Bird's Noble Beast and Bon Iver's EP Blood Bank.


rm said...
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rm said...
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a conversationalist said...

Bird is going to be in NO in Feb. Thinking about going. Watch our for the WEB SHERIFF btw., he is determined to bring law and order to this here land, no matter what varmints stand in his way. *spit*

J said...


I know that we go way back (it seems like only yesterday you were a lowly web constable - remember mix-tapes, LOL! *nostalgia*) but i'm afraid i'm going to have to delete your comment. I ain't mad at ya but i've got a strict no spam policy and let's face it your kudos have effectively ruined my street cred, which I depend on for, you know, street stuff. driving mostly.

J said...

ac - if he's in any kind of decent venue you should definitely go. it's pretty amazing to see him juggling the violin, guitar, xylophone, and whistling lips - worth a look see.