November 2, 2008


1.  Studs Terkel died on Friday.  I loved his interviews and coveted his love of people.  NPR has a page up with a lot of good links.  "This Train" is one of my favorites and you can listen to part of it here.  There is of course lots on You Tube.

2.  Plainview is a full-screen browser (actual full screen) for Mac's with a built in presentation mode.  PC user's may find this of little regard but it's a feature I've never been able to find for any Mac browser (no, not even Firefox) and there have been more than a few occasions in the past when I have needed it.  Oh, it's free.

The Turker’s Gospel is a new version of the Gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, reinterpreted from the King James Version of the Bible by workers at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

Workers were assigned individual Bible verses and asked to rewrite them in their own words. No context was provided. The rewritten verses were reassembled for publication on this website.
4. Red Sex, Blue Sex: why do so many evangelical teenagers become pregnant.

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