September 27, 2008


1.  Looks like South Africa's new President Motlanthe has removed South Africa's controversial health minister.  To put it kindly she had been, at the very least, an unfortunate distraction in the midst of a country with the highest number of HIV infections - often openly, and with little if any medical evidence, criticizing ARV's and instead advocating traditional supplements such as garlic and beet root.  Not surprisingly many of her critics suggested that these public declarations were an attempt to distract from her failures to disseminate ARV's more widely and effectively.  

2.  Some great technology innovation spotlights:  (via

3.  Bill Murray on board for Ghostbusters 3!

4.  Body 2.0: Creating a World that can Feed Itself panel discussion hosted by Google with Hugh Grant (no, not that one, the head of Monsanto one), Michael Pollan, Larry Brillant, and Sonal Shah: (via)

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