September 23, 2008


1.  The CSM summarizes the Pew Internet and American Life Project report:
97 percent of teens play video games. There’s a slight gender divide: 99 percent of boys compared to 94 percent of girls.

50 percent of the teens in the report said they played a game “yesterday.”
2.  Staying with the CSM, their Patchwork Nation voter map is pretty (and) engrossing.

4.  The Center for Global Development has been churning out a great series of posts, with a variety of view points, reflecting on how the current financial crisis might affect all that emergency aid.

5.  Trailer for Ballast, shot in Mississippi using primarily local actors - I'm a sucker for sparse films like these: 


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Pomeroy Kinsey said...

Ballast looks incredible - thanks for posting it!