September 14, 2008


1.  The Invisible Woman - in the midst of blockbuster success for comic book movies, why none starring superheroines?  Despite the examples cited in the article of good candidates for the big screen I think the source material is a big factor here.  Not because there isn't any of quality but because of fears of finding material that has crossover potential (I think you've got to throw out both Catwoman and Electra as simply really bad movies).  I took a quick look at the sales figures for July 2008 and there are only six female helmed titles in the top 100 (Buffy at #10, Ms. Marvel at #53, Wonder Woman at #60, She-Hulk #61, Batgirl #66, Supergirl #91) and Buffy is the only one moving any significant volume.  Obviously there are a number of team/cross-over titles with popular female characters playing significant roles in the story lines but it's hard to extract a single character without an existing solo following.  I think the article is right in the end that a character like Wonder Woman with a history in both comics (Trinity is apparently selling well also - I wonder if a well done cameo in a new Superman or Batman feature couldn't provide the buzz needed to launch with even more confidence) and TV and plenty of source material to draw from and up date could do well at the box office.  (via Pomeroy)

4.  You don't know beans - good story on heirloom cultivation and marketing. (The farmer, Steve Sando, also blogs.)

5.  Cats I Am Near - just in case you were wondering, and I know you were.

6.  Sidetaker - crowd source the triangulation in your relationship.

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