July 26, 2008


1.  Drive55.org - I posted earlier on my surprise at the degree to which your MPG's increased when reducing speed and these folks are taking it to the next level. (via - I can't remember who, sorry)

3.  Eat Republican - this is a good but unfortunately titled column about the unifying nature of an issue like food and food policy, and more broadly, though less implicitly, global hunger.

4.  Tech Comes to Rwanda - in an earlier post I made an aside comment regarding my skepticism of Rwanda transforming itself into an African Singapore, so in the interest of fairness here is an article sketching out their progress so far.

5.  Codex Sinaiticus is now online.  This is nerdy but very cool.  Anyone who has ever done research involving ancient texts has to be geeking out over the possibilities of this becoming the norm - my Koine Greek is beyond rusty but it even made me want to dive in.

6.  Lazy locavores.  Hmmm . . . more career options.


a conversationalist said...

regarding the lazy locavores, the nytimes had during the back half of this week three alt-food articles on the top ten most emailed for a couple of days, the one you linked to, an article about heirloom tomatoes and one about slow food movement. viva la revolution!

Anonymous said...

Eat Republicans? the title was a little confusing--I was relieved to see that you were not advocating political cannibalism.

J said...

anon - ha! not advocating, though I'm sure there is plenty of it that goes on.

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