July 19, 2008


1.  I would like to read more on this, but here are a couple of articles on the genetic variant present in individuals of African descent that might account for as much as 11% of Africa's HIV cases - one from Time and one from Bloomberg.

2.  "What mainstream publishers don't want you to know about door-to-door magazine sales."  This could also be retitled "What my wife wants me to know about door-to-door magazine sales," as I am a consummate sucker for anybody with a remotely probable story who shows up at my door selling something - it's an odd "weakness" that seems out of character otherwise.

3.  Favorite foodie kids books - good suggestions in the comments as well.

7.  Great interview on NPR with woefully little known Mississippi bluesman David "Honeyboy" Edwards.  There are some great lines in there, but this one from the 93 year old Honeyboy is classic, "I can do anything I ever done.  Just take more time."  Andrea Seabrook closes the segment by quoting Wes Montgomery, "I never practice my guitar. From time to time, I just open the case and throw in a piece of raw meat."

Here's some Honeyboy from YT:

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