August 1, 2008

Largo the Film

We only made it to the Largo once while we were living in Los Angeles, but it was hands down the greatest live musical experience of my life and without a doubt the "coolest" club we ever went to while living there.  So I was interested to find this trailer today of a film about the club and its regular band of performers.

We went there for a "secret" Gillian Welch and David Rawlings performance (tip of the hat to random fan site message boards) and they played alongside the Watson siblings, Jon Brion, Benmont Trench, and Greg Leisz.  They played for almost four hours, we stood up the entire time, walked out with our faces melted once it was over, bought one of those "best pieces of pizza you've ever had at 2:30 in the morning" from a dive on the corner and somehow made it home in one piece.  Here's a video from that night's show:

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