August 1, 2008

Club 33

I'm on record as not being a fan of amusement parks in general but if I could hang out at a secret hidden club in the middle of the park while the rest of the folks did their thing I think I would be much more inclined to tag along.  From the Wikipedia page:
Club 33 is a private club located in the heart of the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland. Officially maintained as a secret feature of the theme park, the entrance of the club is located next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant at "33 Royal Street" with the entrance recognizable by an ornate address plate with the number 33 engraved on it. When riding Pirates of the Caribbean, just as the ride departs, the Blue Bayou restaurant is visible, but the balconies above it are actually a part of Club 33.

. . . . .

Club 33 members enjoy access to the club's exclusive restaurant and full bar. It is the only location within Disneyland to offer alcoholic beverages, though Disneyland has a park-wide liquor license and has set up bars throughout the park for private events. Club 33's wine list includes vintages priced at $200.

Club 33 members are privileged with access to the park 365 days a year. Club 33 offers individual and corporate memberships. As of February 2008 the current membership levels are Corporate Membership, Limited Corporate Membership and Gold Membership. The Silver Membership is not currently being offered. As of June 2007, the membership waiting list was 14 years, and membership closed as of April/May 2007.

Those interested in membership must send a written letter of inquiry to Disney and will receive a confirmation letter and information packet. As memberships open, potential members are informed via a letter of intent from Disney.

. . . . .

To enter Club 33, a guest must press a buzzer on an intercom concealed by a hidden panel in the doorway. (A member needs only to insert his/her membership card in a slot near the buzzer and the door will open.) A receptionist will ask for their name over the intercom and, if access is granted, open the door to a small, ornate lobby.
Photos here.  Am I the only one who has never heard of this?

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Anonymous said...

Secret Club? Sounds like a speakeasy. Perhaps they want to be prepared in the event of another prohibition.