April 26, 2009


1.  On the Path of Walker Evans.  If you've never read or at least thumbed through Let Us Now Praise Famous Men do yourself a favor and pick a copy up some time.

2.  For all the budding hypochondriacs: 4 ways to track the swine flu.  Health Map also has a Twitter feed and there is this often updated, fairly comprehensive Google map.

3.  The cost of fast food per calorie.  Sadly, does not reflect your cost in terms of healthcare.

4.  A good post-World Malaria Day reminder from Easterly that distributing mosquito nets without adequate preparation/education is rarely enough.

5.  More rich country - poor country farming deals in the works - this time the players are Kuwait, Cambodia and small rice farmers.

6.  Andrew Bird's great album Armchair Apocrypha is a $1.99 mp3 download on Amazon today- highly recommended.

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