April 5, 2009


1.  Restaurant chains taking a beating - get your Outback, Krispy Kreme, Arby's and Sbarro while you can.

3.  What Would Jesus Bet?  I'd love to read this piece in the New Yorker on game theory, online poker and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson but for some reason it's gated.  I didn't even know the New Yorker required registration?

4.  Flaming Garbage Cans in Hip Hop Videos.  A blog chronicling exactly what it claims.

5.  Hunger eclipsed at G-20 Summit, not surprisingly.


a conversationalist said...

the post for yesterday is incredible on fgcihhv

Pomeroy Kinsey said...

Hmph. I wish that New Yorker piece wasn't gated. Ferguson is a class act. He and his father have a nice discussion of some classic poker models which you can read (if you are brave) over at his dad's website. This one Borel and von Neumann discusses the optimal conditions for bluffing. You should bluff a lot more with your absolute worse hands is the takeaway.

Nice story: Ferguson did an experiment in which he started off with something like $20 playing 1 cent/2 cent limit holdem at some online poker site. He wanted to illustrate that playing "correctly" (meaning exploiting situations in which the player has maximal advantage in the hand), one can make money in the longrun. He is also a big believer in having the appropriate bankroll for each level of limit or no limit holdem, so he'd only escalate to higher stakes when he had accumulated the right bankroll. He played 10 hour days for 6-7 days a week, and by the end of a three month time, had a bankroll of about $100,000 or something like that.

Of course, he makes it look easier than it actually is, as the guy's a bona fide genius.