February 1, 2009


1.  Zimbabwe abandons its currency, a fitful and far too late acknowledgment of reality by the government.

4.  Nice little piece on Updike and religion from PBS's Religion and Ethics News Weekly.

6.  TED recently put up a video of a talk by Scott McCloud on understanding comics filmed back in 2005.  Via Jesse Thorn, who recently interviewed McCloud on The Sound of Young America, a podcast favorite of mine.

7.  The Big Fix - long, but, in my very unqualified opinion, worth reading piece in the NY Times Magazine breaking down the bail out and its many ripples. 

8.  Motown #1's, 26 of them in fact, for $1.99 (for another few hours at least) from Amazon's MP3 store.  By the bye, they've got a Twitter feed announcing their daily $1.99 deal.

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Pomeroy Kinsey said...

The McCloud talk is fantastic. I wish I could do power point like that. It takes real skill to put together a presentation like that with so much seamless media.