October 20, 2008


1.  Good thoughts (as always) from Ethan Zuckerman on innovating from constraint in Africa.

2.  SEED Wayne gets some love from Ford.

3.  NPR's short story on the impact of the global financial crisis for the global poor.  If you've only been paying attention to how things are shaping up here in the states give it a listen.  Here is the Center for Global Development's blog.

4.  Biblioburro.  Too great for words.  Just read it.  (If you don't have a login and don't know already.) (via Chris Blattman)


5.  The October issue of Development Issues, the World Bank Institute's magazine, focuses on agriculture and is entitled, Making Agriculture a Development Priority.  I haven't had time to read it yet but it's sitting on the desktop.

7.  Seriously, I love this guy.  I'm reading between the lines but I'd be willing to wager that this particular musing has its roots in the political maelstrom we find ourselves in two weeks out from November 4th.  It's a good solid word for those who identify themselves as followers of Christ and a potentially interesting perspective for those who don't. 

8.  Sure, you might be able to game Intrade but the 7-Eleven coffee cup poll is gold baby.  

9.  Since the weather has turned chilly I've been giving Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago heavy rotation, solid autumn music my friends.

Ok, last one, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Bon Ever resembles Michael McDonald - both in appearance and by his musical style. I would expect this from your taste in music...

Harvey Laird