January 16, 2009

Links: Themes Edition

1.  Basketball:  
a.  The Audacity of Hoops - it's the only sport I follow and as someone who worked through many of the trials of early adolescence playing on a dirt court in his backyard I really enjoyed this piece. 

b.  A similarly themed anecdote from Peggy Noonan:
This week in the transition headquarters, the president-elect walked by a row of offices. Someone had given him a basketball; he dribbled it as he walked down the hall. Suddenly a young veteran of the campaign turned to another and said, "The black guy with the basketball is the next president." For them it's a rolling realization: You know it, lose it in the flow, realize it again, and suddenly it's new again. The aide says, "He's in a line with Washington and Lincoln, and luminaries like JFK and Reagan." He shakes his head wonderingly. I have seen new guys say this about new presidents most of my professional life. I never see it that I'm not moved. To this day.
c.  Ankle Insurance Co.


2.  Africa:
a.  Advice to Obama's Africa team from the Global Development Center: Don't Change Too Much.  

b.  Similar thoughts from US News and World Report.

c.  Flying toilets still abound.

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